Silver Lake College of the Holy Family is a Catholic, liberal arts-based, co-educational institution sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity who founded the College in 1935 and continue to be an integral part of its life and mission. Silver Lake College is located on the shores of Silver Lake and minutes from the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan. The College is a highly respected and active member of the Lakeshore community.

Located in Manitowoc, WI, Silver Lake College currently enrolls approximately 700 students, including over 200 traditional undergraduate students, graduate students, and adult learners. Undergraduate degrees are granted in 45+ areas of study which features a quality liberal arts education integrated with professional preparation. Graduate degrees are conferred in Education, Leadership and Organizational Development, and Music – Kodály Emphasis.

The organizational culture intentionally focuses on the values that are consistent with Silver Lake’s Franciscan influence including genuine care, respect and compassion for others, the community, and all creation. The campus climate is serene, also consistent with the peacemaking organizational value, but don’t confuse that with the level of engagement present among all members of the community. Silver Lake College is a small community, but large in vision and future. Programs like SLC Works, undergraduate student learning communities, and the many other student-centric initiatives focus on impacting the success of our students. Recently hired employees consistently mention the energy and excitement that is present at the College, and the genuineness of character among, staff, students and faculty.

PRIMARY PURPOSE: Prepare students for successful teaching and leadership in preK-12 settings. Teach a variety of elementary and/or secondary methods courses relating to curriculum, instruction and assessment in core content subject areas. Ability to teach literacy or mathematics pedagogy, and/or technology integration is necessary. Supervise clinical placements and student teaching. Be professionally active in local preK-12 schools and in professional organizations. Teach graduate level coursework relating to teacher education and/or K-12 administration as determined by expertise and experience.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: The Individual in this position is responsible for, and must be committed to, working collaboratively as a team member with other faculty in the School of Education and College to ensure that program graduates are fully equipped to serve successfully in the roles for which they are licensed and/or prepared. The position requires a high level of understanding of theory and best practice relating to teaching and learning and the skills to model exemplary instruction. As a representative of Silver Lake College of the Holy Family, the successful candidate will also demonstrate the ability to create and maintain strong relationships with students, colleagues, individuals working in pre-K-12 settings, and the community.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Note that all functions described below must be performed, and it is normally the responsibility of the individual in this position to perform them and/or see that they are performed. Functions are categorized as essential and marginal so that consideration can be given to accommodating a person with a disability by reassigning one or more marginal functions if it is practical for such function(s) to be performed by other employee(s).

Essential Functions:

  1. Teach undergraduate and graduate level methods courses in areas of expertise as needed by the College
  2. Be professionally active in the K-12 setting and in professional organizations
  3. Contribute to the profession by engaging in scholarly activity such as presenting at conferences, performing workshops, or through publication
  4. Advise students in the School of Education
  5. Assist with curriculum development relating to College and School of Education programs
  6. Provide service within the College and locally through workgroups, and/or committees
  7. Contribute to College and School of Education strategic plan and recruitment efforts
  8. Contribute to maintenance of accreditation with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the Higher Learning Commission
  9. Complete reports as required
  10. Other duties as assigned


  1. Perform routine office functions such as filing and copying.
  2. Participate in logistical activities such as delivering materials to and picking up materials from the campus print shop and mailroom, storage areas, vendor facilities and other locations.


  1. Ability to teach a variety of elementary and/or secondary methods coursework at the undergraduate and graduate levels to prepare students for careers in the preK-12 setting
  2. Skills to engage in scholarly pursuits and present conference sessions and workshops
  3. Clear commitment to and understanding of the mission of Silver Lake College of the Holy Family which empowers students through a quality liberal arts education integrated with professional preparation offered in an environment of mutual respect and concern for persons, based on the principles and truths of Franciscan Catholic tradition. Commitment to an environment that nurtures communication, collaboration, stewardship, innovation and excellence.
  4. Understand accreditation requirements
  5. Demonstrated ability to influence, interact, and communicate positively with prospective students, families, high school officials, and colleagues in higher education.
  6. Ability to establish collaborative working relationships with faculty, staff, students, and outside constituent groups.
  7. Outstanding communication skills, both verbal and written.
  8. Ability to prioritize and deal with several tasks concurrently, while maintaining flexibility, high energy, creativity, and attention to detail.
  9. Ability to work effectively as a member of a staff where cooperation and teamwork are essential.
  10. Ability to work independently and to travel by car as needed.
  11. Ability and willingness to work non-traditional hours on a regular basis.


  1. Coursework beyond the Master’s degree level from an accredited institution is required; doctorate preferred.
  2. Expertise in early childhood/elementary education and/or secondary education required; strong background and/or specialization in literacy or mathematics pedagogy, and/or technology integration is necessary.


At least four years of successful teaching experience in a preK-12 setting. Previous experience in higher education and/or school administration is desirable.


  1. Must have successful completion of criminal background record and reference checks.
  2. A valid driver’s license is required.

Email Address: human.resources@sl.edu