Posting Number: 000280

Department: Curriculum and Instruction

Education, Minimum Training and Experience RequiredTerminal Degree in Educational Leadership or Higher Education Administration and Management or Curriculum and Instruction or Student Development or Developmental Education. Should the terminal degree, however, be in another field, related experience must be evident: Public School Teaching; Public School Principal; Experiences with CAEP and SACS Accreditations; Experiences as an Evaluator of Programs for National Recognition; Experiences teaching, advising and counseling on the College/University level; Curriculum Redesign Experiences; Course Development Experiences; and other Education-Related supervisory experiences. There must be evidence of excellent written and oral communication skills, as well as evidence of strong human relations skills and sensitivity to the needs of students – both Undergraduate and Graduate. Thesis and Dissertation experience/direction is required. It is also the expectation that the Head of the Departments of Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Leadership serve on College and University Standing Committees as appointed by both the Dean of the College of Educational and Graduate Studies and the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. More importantly, the Department Head must be a team player, develop strategic plans for both departments, and promote a positive work environment for teaching, research and service.

Job ResponsibilitiesThe successful candidate will be expected to:

  • Supervise Faculty and Staff in accordance to the policies and procedures of both the University and the University of Louisiana System
  • Ensure that Faculty members have the appropriate teaching load, per accreditation standards
  • Work with Faculty with the plan and implementation of course scheduling/revisions/development
  • Conduct Classroom Observations/Evaluations
  • Conduct research
  • Monitor student related initiatives and activities
  • Monitor and perform duties associated with Academic Programs/Accreditation Requirements
  • Manage departmental budgets; Complete required reports
  • Teach courses (Undergraduate and/or Graduate, as needed, based on expertise)
  • Monitor and evaluate Professional Development of Faculty
  • Engage in Professional Development activities
  • Provide evidence of technology skills