The Director of the School of Education is the chief executive officer and administrative head of the School. The Director holds academic rank as a faculty member in the school and is charged with the administration, instructional leadership, and supervision of the operation of the School through its instructional programs, research, publications, and service activities.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Participate in the Administrative Council
  • Serve as the liaison between the faculty and administration
  • Provide strategic direction and vision for all of the programs in the School
  • Oversee and manage the budget for the School (travel requests, reimbursements, supply management, etc.)
  • Conduct annual evaluations of faculty and staff
  • Oversee faculty recruitment, professional development, promotion and tenure
  • Respond to faculty concerns and complaints
  • Foster interdisciplinary initiatives, public relations, alumni outreach
  • Determine scheduling, workload, and course rotations
  • Maintain complete set of syllabi for each term
  • Guide the program review process
  • Facilitate curricular decisions
  • Provide accreditation and assessment oversight
  • Oversee research proposals and grants (STAP)
  • Oversee School graduate programs and provide supervision of graduate coordinator/s and program coordinators
  • Coordinate and oversee recruitment and retention efforts
  • Assure textbook orders are completed in a timely manner
  • Oversee the Child Development Center
  • Oversee record retention
  • Oversee the graduation check-out process
  • Collaborate with entities both inside and outside of ULM (school districts, community, and state)

Minimum Qualifications/Requirements

  • Ph.D./Ed.D in a discipline within the School of Education.
  • Demonstrated administrative experience
  • Significant accomplishments in teaching, research productivity, external funding experience, and excellent communication skills

Working conditions
In addition to a 40-hour workweek, the holder of this position maybe required to attend functions after hours and on weekends.

Direct reports

  • Associate Director of the School
  • Director of the Child Development Center
  • Director of Teacher Initiatives
  • College and Certification Advisor
  • Administrative Support in the Director’s office (civil service position)