Calvary University is seeking an enthusiastic, ministry-minded professional to serve in our Education Department. Calvary’s mission is to “…prepare Christians for life and service in the church and in the world according to a Biblical worldview…” and employees seek to integrate the day-to-day operations of each University department with this mission.

To apply, please send your completed application Calvary University at humres@calvary.edu or fax to 816-425-6138 or mail to Calvary University, Attn: Human Resources, 15800 Calvary Road, Kansas City, MO 64147

Job Title: Full-Time Faculty FLSA Status: Exempt with benefits

Calvary University values faculty who are committed to and demonstrate excellence as (1) practitioners, leading by example, and contributing through service and ministry in their respective fields, (2) continuing in research through a vibrant research agenda to grow the body of knowledge in and improve their respective fields, (3) capable teachers, mentors, and disciplers, able and eager to use their knowledge, experience, and maturity to benefit students, (4) effective in recruiting students to participate in their programs, and (5) skilled in developing strategic partnerships and collaborations to benefit their academic departments and to continually improve the quality of investment in Calvary University’s students. Every faculty member is guaranteed academic freedom within the parameters of the General Standards and Statement of Faith of Calvary University.

This document describes duties that Calvary University expects of faculty members. These may change with each academic year, through discussions between you and your Department Head and Dean. Your performance will be reviewed and evaluated on the basis of how well you fulfill these duties.

The responsibilities for this position will include some or all of the following: (1) leadership and service, (2) research and creative activities, (3) teaching and mentoring, (4) recruiting and advising, and (5) administration and cooperative and collaborative efforts. Your responsibilities may include involvement in off-campus, evening or weekend duties, as well as other Calvary community efforts, as Calvary leadership requires. Adjustments to teaching responsibilities may be made in accordance with the University’s workload policy based on the type of courses to which you are assigned and the extent of administrative responsibilities in other areas.

As Practitioners Calvary University faculty are expected to lead by example in spiritual growth and maturity, and are expected to be engaged in external service or ministry, using their skills and training to benefit the church and the broader community as well. Calvary faculty will attend required meetings such as chapels, assemblies, faculty meetings, and other special events on campus, will serve on committees as assigned, and will participate in workdays and other service opportunities. Faculty are expected to serve in a collegial fashion and in accordance with Biblical, professional and ethical principles when dealing with other faculty members, students, administrators, and members of the public.

As Researchers Calvary University faculty are expected to maintain and demonstrate progress in a research agenda that addresses important problems and benefits others. Faculty are expected to develop funding (grant writing) to help fund agenda, and produce publications (books, journal articles, scholarly papers, blogs, etc.) reflective of progress in their research agendas. Faculty will maintain professional development according to personal needs and certification requirements.

As Teachers, Mentors, and Disciplers Calvary University faculty are expected to ground their classes and programs in the Biblical worldview, and not simply integrate Biblical truth into their teaching. Faculty are expected to teach effectively, employing best practices in pedagogy and application of technology. Faculty will prepare course materials for assigned courses and teach appropriate hours according to the Faculty Handbook, as assigned. Faculty are expected to be involved in mentoring and discipling students beyond the classroom, and will maintain posted office hours of at least 8 hours per week during courses assigned. Faculty are expected to be involved in academic mentoring as assigned.

As Recruiters Calvary University faculty are expected to recruit students through online and in-person promotion of upcoming classes and through participation in and presentation at scholarly conferences and other events. Faculty are expected to assist the Admissions Department in representing the respective academic department through meetings with prospective students as requested.

As Department Builders Calvary University faculty are expected to identify, develop, and maintain strategic partnerships with church and industry partners to help build the department and the greater Calvary community. Faculty will participate in the development and evaluation of departmental curriculum and assessment of programs and courses, as assigned.

Personal Calvary University requires that all faculty have a personal faith in Jesus Christ, demonstrate commitment to growth and maturity in Christ, agree unreservedly with Calvary University’s statement of faith, and be active in a local church.

Interpersonal Calvary University faculty must demonstrate skill in communicating effectively in order to recruit, advise, lead, and teach college students. Prior teaching experience at the college level is preferred. Faculty must demonstrate organizational and administrative skills requisite to their areas of administrative responsibility. Faculty must demonstrate capacity to build up and encourage colleagues as part of a larger team with a common mission.

Academic Calvary University faculty must hold a minimum of a master’s degree from a CHEA accredited institution (doctorate is preferred) in order to teach at the undergraduate level, and a doctorate or terminal degree from a CHEA accredited institution in order to teach at the graduate level. Faculty must hold any licenses, certifications, and/or registrations as required by the program area or discipline.

Calvary University faculty will report directly to their respective Department Chair. Faculty performance will be evaluated annually by the Department Chair, the Dean, and the Chief Academic Officer, based on the order of priority of responsibilities listed in Calvary University’s Values.

Practice – accounts for approximately 10% of total workload expectation.

Research – accounts for approximately 25% of total workload expectation.

Teaching – accounts for approximately 50% of total workload expectation. (Normal faculty load is 12 hours per traditional semester, overload is 13-18 hours.)

Recruiting – accounts for approximately 10% of total workload expectation.

Department Building – accounts for approximately 5% of total workload expectation