ACU is affiliated with the fellowship of the Church of Christ. All applicants must be professing Christians and willing to support the Christian mission and purpose of Abilene Christian University while employed by the university.

Department: School of Educational Leadership

Employee Class: Exempt Full-Time

Basic Responsibilities
A. Approving program curriculum and developing policies and procedures.
B. Hiring and supervising program faculty, including the Associate Program Director of the Ed.D. Program (all program directors and associate program director appointments are made in conjunction with the Dean of CGPS and the University Provost).
C. Serving on the Ed.D. faculty and in administrative roles on behalf of the program.
D. Meeting all accreditation standards.
E. Overseeing admission of new students and managing student affairs for Ed.D. students. Collaborating with ACU Dallas’ Enrollment Management division in recruiting students into the Ed.D. Program.
F. Collaborating with the Dean of CGPS or designated representative and the Manager of Dissertations and Projects in the ongoing design and management of the dissertation process.

Essential DutiesA. Approving Ed.D. curriculum and developing policies and procedures.
1. Collaborate with Student Operations in the design and maintenance of the course carousel and timing of course offerings.
2. Act as the primary liaison with Student Operations and Student Services in determining curriculum adjustments, course offerings, section sizes, and faculty assignments.
3. Review curriculum periodically and supervise any revisions.
4. Design policies that enforce the academic standards of the university and support Ed.D. student learning outcomes. Revise program and faculty policies as necessary to meet changing needs.

B. Hiring and supervising Ed.D. faculty.
1. Review and approve standards for hiring Ed.D. faculty and course developers (subject matter experts).
2. Screen and interview potential faculty and make hiring recommendations to the Dean of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies.
3. Review credentials for faculty and verify faculty are credentialed to teach the courses for which they are assigned.
4. Promote and track faculty development. Perform faculty evaluations.
5. In collaboration with the Dean and the Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs, delegate duties and responsibilities to the Associate Director of the Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership Program. Monitor performance and ensure successful completion of assignments.
6. Supervise faculty and initiate any improvement plans or performance initiatives. Make recommendations to the Dean of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies for any disciplinary action (including terminations) and for merit increases.
7. Design and promote training for Ed.D. faculty.
8. Manage faculty course load and assign courses to faculty members. Collaborate with the Manager of Dissertation and Projects in assigning full-time faculty members to dissertation committee service. Balance full-time load against part-time adjunct cost.
9. Oversee and make recommendations on the Ed.D. Program budget to the Dean.
10. Mentor and lead faculty to ensure they can effectively instruct, engage, and retain Ed.D. students.
11. Schedule and direct Ed.D. faculty and committee meetings.
12. Cooperate with personnel in Student Operations to facilitate the hiring process, assimilation and payment of Ed.D. faculty.

C. Serve on the Ed.D. faculty and in administrative roles on behalf of the program.
1. Teach (9) credit hours each academic year.
2. Administer and provide instruction in assigned courses. Duties include, but not limited to, placing students in groups for assignments/discussions, conducting periodic synchronous interaction sessions, facilitating and grading all assignments in a timely manner and providing rich and timely feedback on student work.
3. Provide timely and helpful answers to students’ inquiries regarding course material or academic matters.
4. Responsible for working with Ed.D. faculty to ensure all course grades are entered at the end of each session deadline.
5. Serve as chair on (6) dissertation committees (3 committee memberships can be substituted for each chair position).
6. Serve on various committees for College of Graduate and Professional Studies and the University as directed by the Dean.

D. Meeting all accreditation standards.
1. Advance Ed.D. program through scholarly and continuing education activities.
2. Attend conferences and represent ACU to the local, state, and national academic community.
3. Complete Outcomes Assessment Reports/Assessment cycle.
4. Complete regular Academic Program Reviews.
5. Manage administrative records for the Ed.D. program.

E. Overseeing admission of new students and managing student affairs for Ed.D. students. Collaborating with ACU Dallas’ Enrollment Management division in recruiting students into the Ed.D. Program.
1. Review Ed.D. program applications and approve admission into the program.
2. Set Ed.D. admission standards, in conjunction with the Dean of CGPS, and communicate guidelines to ACU admissions staff.
3. Handle student concerns or student complaints and make decision about whether to escalate to the Dean of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies.

Professional Development RequirementsA. Skills
1. Attention to detail and follow through.
2. Time management and organizational skills.
3. Maintain confidentiality.
4. Computer proficiency.
5. Excellent verbal communication, written communication, and interpersonal abilities.
6. Provide quality instruction and support to student while maintaining academic and university standards at the doctoral level.
7. Ability to collaborate or work independently as the situation requires.
8. Effective and appropriate leadership and administration of program.
9. Develop and maintain working relationships with university administrators, faculty and staff.

B. Training Modules Required
1. Microsoft Word, Excel, Access
2. Google Calendar, Mail, Sheets and Docs
3. Canvas and Bridge (on-Line Learning Platforms)

QualificationsA. Professional
1. Doctorate degree from an accredited institution in Education, Leadership, or related fields [e.g. Conflict Resolution, Higher Ed, K-12 Administration, Instructional Design, Learning Technologies, etc.].
2. A minimum of five years of post-doctorate teaching experience in higher education.
3. Experience in higher education administration, preferably in a leadership role.
4. Quality research completed in the last ten years [e.g. publications in peer reviewed journals, conference presentations, program evaluation reports, etc.], preferred.
5. Experience teaching, designing and developing on-line coursework.
6. Computer literate in software and internet based applications.
7. Proficient in APA style (formatting, citation requirements, punctuation, etc.).

B. Personal
1. Strong communication skills, both written and oral.
2. Ability to view and manage role and responsibilities in relation to larger mission, goals and perspective of the University.
3. Collaborative nature and excellent interpersonal abilities, with the ability to build consensus within cross functional and multi-purposed teams, as well as diverse groups of people.
4. Outstanding organizational and project management skills with the ability to consistently meet deadlines.
5. Highly self-motivated and solves problems, asking for input and initiating solutions as appropriate and reasonable.
6. Ability to consistently make sound decisions and exercise good judgment in a variety of circumstances.
7. Capacity to quickly learn new software applications.
8. Willingness to receive additional training and/or faculty mentoring.

Physical Demands
A. Majority of work is performed in front of a computer and on the telephone; must have ability to use the computer and remain stationary for long periods of time.
B. Manage conversations in person, online and by telephone.
C. Limited travel – locations vary and some overnight travel may be necessary.
D. Work well under pressure and manage stress well.
E. Communicate clearly: speak, read, write, and hear clearly to perform essential functions.

Additional InformationACU does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, sex, disability, genetic information, national or ethnic origin in employment opportunities, in keeping with applicable state and federal law.

ACU is committed to maintaining a safe and secure campus environment and protecting the university’s financial and physical assets. Therefore, Abilene Christian University conducts background checks on all candidates for employment in security sensitive positions.