Wayne State College is seeking a Tenure-Track faculty member for the department of Educational Foundations & Leadership specifically School Administration.

Wayne State College is one of the most dynamic, regional public colleges in the Midwest, located in Northeast Nebraska, close to Sioux City, Iowa, and within a two-hour drive to Sioux Falls, Omaha and Lincoln. With a student population of 3,500, the college is a focal point and catalyst in Northeast Nebraska, not only for education but also for community and economic development, the arts, and cultural activity. Strong leadership, steady enrollment, a focus on student development and teaching, and several recently completed building projects attest to the College’s vitality. Wayne State College offers more than 90 undergraduate majors and minors and three graduate degrees, preparing students for careers in health professions, business, education, the arts, industrial technology, and sport management. Wayne State College is a collective-bargaining institution.

Nature of Work:
Responsible for providing online instruction, scholarly activity, and service and advising in accordance with the philosophy and objectives of the College; to participate as a key member of an innovative and dynamic school administration team intent on preparing the best principals and superintendents to serve Nebraska schools and school communities.

Required Qualifications:
Education- The ideal candidate will possess a doctorate in education or an education-related field, and will be in possession of active leadership certification as a principal and/or superintendent.
Experience- The ideal candidate will have successful experience teaching at the K-12 level and has experience as a building principal.

Preferred Qualifications:
Experience in one or more of the following areas: instructional coach, superintendent, special education administrator, student services administrator, financial officer, curriculum coordinator, development officer, experience teaching college courses. Preferred qualifications also include current or past membership in school administration professional organizations and demonstrated experience on regional or statewide educational leadership committees.

Salary is competitive, commensurate with qualifications and experience. Attractive and comprehensive fringe benefit package.

Examples of Work Performed:
1. Contribute to students’ academic growth and development, which includes all of the following.

A. Teaching, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Have knowledge of and enthusiasm for the subject
  • Maintain competence in the assigned field of specialization and exhibit professional competence in the classroom, studio, or laboratory
  • Maintain a classroom environment conducive to learning
  • Maintain respect for the student and the student’s posture as a learner
  • Organize course and subject matter to acquaint all students with the course requirements including specific objectives and methods of evaluation
  • Organize course presentations through short-term and long-range outcomes
  • Present abstract ideas and theories clearly
  • Conduct classroom presentations and activities utilizing methods appropriate to reach students of varying educational and experiential backgrounds and learning styles
  • Actively engage students in lectures, discussions, or laboratories
  • Coordinate handouts, video, and/or online materials, and/or articles to update course content
  • Incorporate new methodologies in teaching and technology into classes
  • Encourage student to think for themselves
  • Be flexible and willing to experiment
  • Be reliable in meeting scheduled responsibilities
  • Be accessible to students; post and maintain office hours
  • Provide regular and timely assessment of student progress
  • Be fair in examinations and grading
  • Participate in program assessment and catalog revisions
  • Periodically evaluate and develop new courses, where necessary, revise and update existing courses to maintain relevant and current content.

B. Advising students, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Help students plan programs of study
  • Provide students with advice on academic issues and career counseling
  • Assist in the development, implementation, and assessment of the departmental enrollment management plan, including serving directly in student recruitment, retention, and success strategies
  • Schedule and maintain regular office hours for student advising
  • Establish and maintain regular contact with advisees
  • Provide leadership and supervision for student activities

2. Professional achievement and continual preparation and study through scholarly and creative activity will vary according to the field, examples of which may include the following:

A. Participate in academic organizations related to teaching assignment
B. Give scholarly presentations, workshops or performances
C. Produce scholarly materials such as original or applied research, manuscripts, articles, book reviews, musical arrangements, or works of art
D. Engage in appropriate professional development to enhance performance as faculty member
E. Seek external funding through grant and contract work related to discipline, as appropriate and assigned
F. Provide evidence of achievement within and significance of contributions to field
G. Provide evidence of quality and originality of thought or work and breadth and depth of perspective
H. Be willing and able to continue individual development and professional productivity as a member of the faculty.

3. Professional services rendered outside the academic discipline in ways other than teaching that contribute to the work of the College vary from individual to individual. Service to the college and community, and profession related to the professional assignment includes the following:

A. Participate in campus and community presentations
B. Serve on discipline, department, school, and campus-wide committees and initiatives
C. Take an active role in discipline, departmental, and school accreditation and reaccreditation activities, as appropriate and as assigned
D. Periodically evaluate and develop new courses, where necessary, consistent with the role and mission of the institution, school and department
E. Sponsor student organizations, as appropriate and assigned, and participate in student-based activities
F. Provide leadership in professional organizations and/or good citizenship in the community at large
G. Foster and sustain collegial relations with campus, community and profession